December 31, 2016 at 07:58PM

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Friday December 30, 2016 was Bacon Day. “There’s nothing in this world that doesn’t taste better with Bacon. Whether it’s chocolate covered bacon from the confectioners shop, bacon cheeseburgers, bacon wrapped tater tots, or even bacon covered chapstick, you can’t deny that it’s a delicious tasty treat that’s truly gotten it’s fingers in everywhere.

Bacon has been a popular method of preserving meat and adding a delicious flavor to it by soaking it in a specialized brine.

This is easily one of the tastiest holidays you can celebrate! The best way of celebrating this dedication to swine delicacies is by indulging in the delicious treats that come from our four hooved friends. You can start by going to an all you can eat breakfast place that has bacon on the menu, trust us, they exist! Then you can head on out to your favorite lunch stop and get your favorite bacony treat, we personally prefer cheeseburgers with extra bacon! .

But there’s more to bacon than just meat on meat, bacon is an open-minded kind of food, and has already been known for being part of any of the three major meals of the day. But in recent days it has expanded even more! There’s bacon chocolate milkshakes, and bacon flavored lubes, bacon flavored chewing gum, and a million other variations! .

To really get into the spirit of the holiday, you can get one of the hundreds of themed pieces of clothing there are. There’s bacon underwear and bras, pants and pajamas, hats and sunglasses, if you can wear it, it’s been made with bacon patterns applied to it! So get out there and celebrate Bacon Day, and have a delicious new year!” ^sPm – #sharpharmade Fr ‘Days of the Year’ .

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