Last Week to Grab Your Lifetime Zibbet Account!

“This is the final week you can grab yourself a Lifetime Account on Zibbet. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity!
Pay a one-off fee of just $299 and free yourself from listing fees, transaction fees and ongoing membership fees, FOREVER!
As a Lifetime member you’ll automatically be upgraded to the best that Zibbet has to offer. For example, soon we’ll be launching a new $20/month plan (our ‘Unlimited’ plan) which will have extra perks and features not available in the other plans. Lifetime members will automatically be upgraded to this plan, for free.
If you’re looking for even more value, we also have other Lifetime Deal options, which come with extra perks, such as early access to our new stand-alone websites feature, free image editing from Pixc, free magazine subscription from The Crafts Report, huge exposure on Zibbet’s homepage, a professional banner designed for your store, PLUS MORE!
The last time we ran a Lifetime Deal was 2 years ago. This is your chance to grab yours. It’s time!”

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