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Another Purpose For This Blog …

January 17, 2010

I write … and, this Blog is, also, in Dedication to The Pharms and The Hall Families, and their Descendants.  I decided to use this Blog to allow other’s to see my writings, to share their thoughts, where I can utilize these thoughts and ideas as a Sounding Board, a jump off point, something that will, hopefully, enhance and expand my writings, mind, thoughts, etc.  As I share my works with any readers, I just want to make it clear that all of my writings, any copyright, copies, etc., are MINE and are not to be used, in any way, without my written permission.  Unfortunately, if my rights are not respected, anyone (aka an abuser) that does so anyway, is, also, knowingly and in agreeance, that I can, and possibly, will sue, have the right to sue, and entitled to just compensation; and that the abuser is willingly, and in agreeance, to pay any costs, court, fees, fines, etc., for themselves, and ME.  I am, purposely, putting this, in writing, for all to see, and witness, so that there is no defense, nor denial, of not being aware of any of this.  Okay, after saying all of this, and the readers reading the above, I do hope that my readers enjoy reading what I wrote, and what I write, and feel free to comment, and offer their thoughts.   Thank You, in advance.  ENJOY!

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